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Asia-Pacific line

Voyage One way price RMB From the reference price RMB Airline
Hong Kong RMB1200 RMB1690 Undecided
Macau RMB1700 RMB2600 Undecided
Taipei RMB2200 RMB3200 Undecided
Bangkok RMB1500 RMB2050 Undecided
Tokyo RMB1280 RMB1800 Undecided
Seoul RMB740 RMB1100 Undecided
Osaka RMB800 RMB1300 Undecided
Pyongyang RMB1200 RMB2100 Undecided
Fukuoka RMB1300 RMB2100 Undecided
Nagoya RMB1500 RMB2200 Undecided
Ulan Bator RMB1400 RMB2550 Undecided
Hanoi RMB2300 RMB3200 Undecided
Kuala Lumpur RMB1900 RMB2600 Undecided
Manila RMB2150 RMB2800 Undecided
Singapore RMB1600 RMB2060 Undecided
Sydney RMB2900 RMB4600 Undecided
Melbourne RMB2900 RMB4600 Undecided
Auckland RMB4350 RMB6200 Undecided
Phuket RMB2400 RMB3600 Undecided
Yangon RMB2600 RMB4150 Undecided
New Delhi RMB3050 RMB4100 Undecided
Guam Saipan RMB3150 RMB4050 Undecided
Jakarta RMB1900 RMB2600 Undecided

Europe, Middle East and Africa line

Frankfurt RMB2650 RMB3400 Undecided
London RMB2300 RMB3100 Undecided
Paris RMB2650 RMB3400 Undecided
Rome RMB2650 RMB3400 Undecided
Moscow RMB2300 RMB3100
Stockholm RMB2300 RMB3400 Undecided
Zurich RMB2650 RMB3400 Undecided
Amsterdam RMB2650 RMB3400 Undecided
Vienna RMB2650 RMB3400 Undecided
Helsinki RMB3850 RMB4500 Undecided
Madrid RMB3600 RMB5100 Undecided
LAN MI RMB3650 RMB4900 Undecided
Copenhagen RMB2650 RMB3400 Undecided
Dubai RM3600 RMB4200 Undecided
Sharjah RMB3300 RMB5100 Undecided
Cairo RMB3900 RMB4600 Undecided
Kuwait RMB3250 RMB6100 Undecided
Tehran RMB4100 RMB6200 Undecided
Johannesburg RMB4950 RMB6900 Undecided
Karachi RMB3150 RMB5950 Undecided

American line

Los Angeles RMB2500 RMB3800 Undecided
New York RMB3900 RMB4350 Undecided
Seattle RMB3200 RMB3450 Undecided
San Francisco RMB2500 RMB3450 Undecided
Chicago RMB3600 RMB5000 Undecided
Detroit RMB3100 RMB4600 Undecided
Houston RMB3850 RMB4800 Undecided
Boston RMB3200 RMB4850 Undecided
Hawaii RMB3100 RMB4200 Undecided
Washington RMB3200 RMB4500 Undecided
Vancouver RMB2600 RMB4100 Undecided
Toronto RMB4550 RMB6800 Undecided
Ottawa RMB4500 RMB6800 Undecided
Mexico RMB5200 RMB7900 Undecided
Quito RMB5800 RMB7850 Undecided

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