Ticket notes

1> to buy a plane ticket what documents do I need?  

a: China air ticket reservation, required to provide my identity card; foreigners, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots to book, on production of a valid passport, home visit permit, MTP, residence permits, travel documents or other public security organs to produce a valid identity document. Buy tickets for children (two years old-12 years old), babies (within two years), you should provide valid proof of child, date of birth. When seriously ill passenger ticket booking, are required to have a certificate from the medical unit for the opportunity to prove that the carrier approval to buy tickets.  

2> from ticket purchase to the boarding, flight, arrival process  

1. passenger flight earlier  

at the airport, passengers often twenty or thirty minutes before the plane hurried for flight clearance counters, but was informed by staff because of its late cannot make the trip. Passenger flight in the civil aviation regulations, in a clearly defined: must be 90 minutes before scheduled departure time (large aircraft such as Boeing 747, 757, provided that 120 minutes) arrive at the airport for the flight procedures, 30 minutes before flight departure (international flight for 40 minutes before flight departure) at processing time. To ensure that flights depart safely, limited for 30 minutes, passengers to go through security checks, boarding services for inspection to check boarding passes, counting characters; preparation of loading personnel to complete the aircraft balance there goods, luggage compartment and a series of support are required to finish. So adding passengers late in the process, work time is very tight and even affect the plane takes off. Therefore, in order not to delay your trip please friends go out as early as possible, and we have to take to the new airport road traffic jams and other special circumstances that would occur.  

2. security check:  before the flight. Passengers and their baggage (including checked baggage and carry-on items) must go through security check.  

3. free baggage allowance: travellers with adult or child ticket, free baggage allowance per person as follows: domestic 40 kg in first class, business class, 30 kg for economy class 20 kg. Travellers holding tickets for children without baggage.  

4. items as baggage is not allowed:  state-mandated embargo, restrictions on the transport of goods, dangerous goods and odors or other items easily defaced aircraft, cannot be used as a row or in baggage checked. Passengers are not allowed to carry knives flight. Weapon other than knives or blunt instruments as checked baggage, to carry. Passengers are not allowed in checked baggage carrying important documents and information, diplomatic pouch, securities, currency, money orders, perishable items, valuables, fragile, and other personal care items. Airline checked baggage carrying these items lost or damaged by lost luggage of general responsibility.  

3> what is an electronic ticket?  

a: the e-ticket is an electronic image of ordinary paper ticket, is an electronic record numbers, referred to as electronic tickets. General coupon information paper ticket to electronic ticket is stored in the electronic ticket reservation system database.   Now, which as the world's most advanced form of ticketing, relying on the modern information technology to achieve paperless, electronic booking, billing and opportunity for handling the whole process, bring convenience to passengers and airlines to reduce costs. Compared with the ordinary ticket, e-ticket has obvious advantages. E-ticket advantages:  

(1) tickets can be purchased via the Internet, and pay the fare with your bank card, do not need to go to the ticket counter payments;  

(2) do not need to send tickets, tickets, direct flight formalities at the airport with a valid identity card.  

4> what is the difference between first class and economy class?  

a: air travel at home and abroad is generally divided into two, also is first class and economy class. Economy class seats located in the middle of the tail where three-fourths of the fuselage space or more, seating is tight.  

in and out of crowded seating difficulties and can't wait to go to the bathroom for the elderly, disabled, or are willing to make the trip more comfortable and afford the people, first class or business class is very attractive. Where the seats are spacious, passenger seat on the table between playing cards or open their own files. Cocktail is free, food fine, if you want to, and champagne. Attendant care only for 10 to 15 passengers, so passengers each requirement can be satisfied immediately.  

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