Ski equipment manuals

    should be optional depending on the circumstances in which, for example, 170 cm tall, you should choose  175 cm length, 173 cm height, 180 cm in length should be selected. Snowboard elastic plate elastic small, beginners should use flexible skateboard, because when the Panel encountered rough snow and difficult bumps, braking effect is better, easier to manipulate.

good skiers can choose long, elastic, slightly heavy skis, it can increase the stability of skiing, snowboard metal edge is deeply stuck in snow on the surface, to fully manipulate skis for skiers, slip a beautiful arc.

ski bottom there should be a direction to prevent sideslip worse, it can keep a taxi straight ahead. Ski edge to sharp at all times, so that when the gravity exerted by it will not result in sideslip

should be checked before using skateboards, skateboarding is so fixed on, out of strength are transferred to the appropriate location. Should be first put on when wearing skis down the mountain snowboards, skis in the upper mountains; Ministry before card holder holder at the back, unloading the skis using ski pole tip to open the rear retainer, or skis to the side of the body to lift, knock down. In order to check whether the connection of ski boots and skis firmly, take the lead body to  

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