Interim provisions on the tourist complaints


  you must meet the following conditions:  

(a) the complainants are and have a direct interest in the case of tourists, overseas travel operators, domestic tour operators and practitioners.  

(b) there are definite complaints were received, specific requests and complaints based on facts.  

(c) belong to the scope of the provisions listed in the complaint.

article   the complainant submitted a complaint to the complaint management authority, and by the number of complaints were received copies.   There is difficulty in submitting complaints, lawsuit, recorded by the complaint management authority, and signed by himself.  

article   shall record the following complaints:  

(a) the complainant's name, gender, nationality, occupation, age, unit (team) the name and address.  

(b) the seat of the company name, or name of the person being complained against.  

(c) requests and complaints on the basis of facts and reason.  

(d) evidence.   Fourth   complainants have the right to know the processing of complaints; the right to request mediation; the right to complaints were of their own accord; the right to waive or alter the complaint requests.  

article fifth   complaints were received and complaints of their own accord, to the complainant to apologize and compensate for the damage; can also be based on fact, refute the complaints request representations, for protection of their lawful rights and interests.  

sixth   complaint management agencies in the investigation of complainants should assist the verified complaint, provide evidence, may not catch hinder investigations.  

article seventh   the complainant receiving the complaint or an oral complaint should investigation and verification, and the complainants themselves, resolve disputes; not of their own accord, should be promptly transferred to the complaint Department, managed by the complaint review process.  

eighth   complaint after authorities made decision on admissibility, it shall promptly notify the complainant. Complaints should be made in the 30th after receiving notification of the written replies. Written response shall set out the following:  

(a) be cause for complaint;  

(b) investigation and verification processes;  

(c) the basic facts and evidence;  

(d) the responsibilities and disposal.   Complaint management authority shall review the written replies to the complainant.  

Nineth   complaint authorities responsible for dealing with complaints, mediation, shall ascertain the facts, responsibility, based on mediation, complaint and the complainant's understanding, to reach an agreement. A conciliation agreement, it must be voluntary, not forced.  

tourist complaints related to:

1, how to write a complaint letter  

write a letter of complaint should the principle of real, honestly reflect the situation, according to the 1991 National Tourism Bureau promulgated the provisional regulations on the complaint, complaint letter should include the following sections:  

first, the complainant's name, gender, nationality, occupation, Organization (Group) name, address and telephone number.

Second, the complainant's name, address and telephone number.  

third, the facts of the complaint and the reasons.  

four specific claims.  

five, factual evidence, such as contracts, fax, ship tickets, admission tickets, vouchers, invoices, and so on.  

in addition, complaints should be made according to the complainants the number of copies of pleadings, and provide new evidence in the complaint process under the law. Complaint is a means of protecting their own legitimate interests, tourism authority tourism quality issues.  

complaint the limitation of 2,  

learn more about the complaint provisions of the limitation, help the complainants filed a complaint in a timely manner, protect their legitimate rights and interests; NTA promulgated in 1991 the provisions of the interim provisions on the complaint the following limitation:  

a limitation of, complaints: complaint to the tourism authority requesting legal rights complaints limitation period of 60 days, limitation of complaint from the complainant knew or should have known the rights have been infringed upon, and there are special circumstances, complaints complaint authority may extend the limitation period.  

Second, accepting aging: complaints against the authorities responsible for receiving complaints or verbal, upon examination, is admissible, shall promptly investigate and deal with; does not meet accepted criteria should notify the complaint inadmissible in the 7th, and explain the reasons.  

third, the response to aging appearance: the complaint after authorities made decision on admissibility, it shall promptly notify the complainant. Complaints should be made in the 30th after receiving notification of the written replies.  

four, served on Aging: complaint processing decisions taken by the regulatory body should be written decision on complaint handling in the form of notification of complaints in the 15th and the complainant.  

limitation of five, applications for reconsideration: the complainant or the complainant's complaint management of the Authority's decision or refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty, can be handled on the authority within 60 days of a complaint management of level, apply for reconsideration.

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