Ski trip personal care products

sunscreens: do not think patents of sunscreen only summer, skiing, snow surfaces reflect UVA and UVB ultraviolet light has a strong destructive power. Skin water loss in cold, dry winter weather conditions a lot, plus ski form when the relative speed is a lot of cold air to skin irritation and intense ultraviolet radiation skin burns on the snow surface, so you should use SPF (Sun protection factor) of 25 or higher sunscreen. Apply sun cream is to keep up with everything, especially the inside of the Chin, nose, ears inside, these neglected sites, because the reflected light of the Sun will hit, and these areas are the most sensitive and vulnerable areas. Sunscreen can only be effective within a short time, so every once in a while (2 hours) on exposed skin painted a not because of cloudy do not wear sunscreen, because of cloudy day UV is still very strong. Skiing if the wind is too strong, you can choose a special ski mask.    In addition to the outside face from direct winds, can also prevent direct sunlight the skin.

lip balm: lips and around after a long exposure to the Sun or wind prone to blisters, skiers use lip balm protective lip, lip gloss must be easy to clean, does not disappear because of the sweat, not easy to quit.    Lipstick should also continue to apply, to avoid lip cracked.

moisturizers: skiing is unique to the winter sport, brings joy to people at the same time, cold air is also skin challenged, it makes the skin appears scaly cracks, resulting in skin aging, in front of the ski should be coated with special moisturizers for winter

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