Snow photography communications equipment

   1. camera: cameras is their preferred essential equipment, according to their level of photography and preferences, you can choose automatic camera (and shoot), SLR camera or digital camera. For ski trips, however, due to the cold climate in the freezing of more than 20 degrees below zero, will freeze start not the shutter of the camera, with manual camera. If not a professional photographer, took a deft "idiot" can be placed in the Pocket, convenient and antifreeze. At low temperature, the battery in the camera does not function when taking pictures, so it should be with a battery backup in the Pocket.

shooting ski scenes, if lateral glide of skiers from the front of the camera, to ensure plenty of your shutter speed. When the shutter speed is limited, can be taken forward or outward from the ski. Ski resort when shooting with more personnel, must pay attention to leave the chute then shot, so as not to hit by a rapid decline in skiers.

2. the telescope: linhai Snowfield and vast, very large, with a pair of binoculars in ski tourism, can be used to observe the scenery in the distance, as used in the snow, and to install the appropriate filter lenses to reduce snow, strong light stimulation of the human eye.

3. Aquarius: insulation Aquarius is quite important of items, especially in ice and snow of high elevation mountain, needed drinking enough of water prevent dehydration and maintained physical, carry a 1 litres capacity of Aquarius foot carry, Aquarius best is wide mouth of polyethylene products, a is compared easy repeat using, II is easily freezes, also can loaded snow, while different Yu aluminum products of water will has taste.

try not to use plastic bags of water, because the water bag is easy to freeze and burst, be sure to check the water bags for holes, avoid off guard.

4. telecommunication equipment: mobile phone is a must, choose the best waterproof, shock-proof models. In some mountain areas may signal cover, be prepared several radios to ensure effective and timely communication between the members.

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