Hong Kong travel and simple manual

port of entry  

visitors to Hong Kong via land or sea, you can choose the China Ferry Terminal ferry, Macau Ferry Terminal passenger ships, nine iron station in Guangdong through train, KCR East Rail at Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau, Man Kam to, Sha Tau Kok seven port entry. Most of the passengers were able to clear immigration within 30 minutes. But during rush hours, time may be somewhat longer.  

for permits method  

the relevant details of the application of the permit for travelling to Hong Kong and Macao and a visit endorsement, please contact local police authorities or browse for an appropriate public security exit-entry departments-Government website to download the application form.  

Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau website: 

the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Web site: 

Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau website: 

featured   of sightseeing;

tours can also be inserted short tour itinerary. Featured a number of features of Hong Kong Trade Development Council specially selected tours, including: Lottery luck gem Sai Kung sea night fishing for cuttlefish, fresh day, Le Shuttle, luxury airport railway Buddha tour Dolphin music. Travel most of the day, price between HK $ 80 to 250 Yuan per person, includes meals for lunch.  

If you decide not to participate in the tour, Hong Kong Trade Development Council was designed according to the needs of different tourists itinerary. Such as: visit recommended routes, visit recommended routes for the first time, there are parent-child trip, romantic themes such as holiday trips.  

details from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Web site:  

Web site: 

travel agency "Macao tour"  

Beijing opened "Macao tour", travel agencies are also rolling out self-service travel services, prices of less than 3000, generally does not include accommodation. It is understood that currently cheap airfare Beijing to Hong Kong in about 3500 Yuan, Beijing to Shenzhen prices for more than 900 Yuan. Therefore, the buffet packages may not be the most economical way to travel, but it does save time, worry, and the most fit time constraints and lack of experience of self-help group.

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