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snow clothing


apart from outside to wear skiing professional ski clothing, in sports or skiing if you want to see the snowy scenery, still dressed in basic snow activities to ensure the smooth and safe.


1. snow clothing: snow activities must outer garment, wind-resistance and snow features, the best material for GORE-TEX, regardless of what type of jacket with a hat to protect your head, strap-style snow pants are the best way to prevent falling snow ran from the waistband pants people lining.

2. warm coat: coat down coats or Pile material is preferred.

3. layer: a shirt or a sweater, sweaters with loose turtle neck; and for night wear.

4. the most inner layer: more warm underwear P.P.  material 5. change of clothes: clothes don't bring too much, but at least two to three sets of clothes to wash, dress wear for a long time, inner layer of clothing will lose residual skin shedding of the cuticle to keep warm.

6. the socks: not wearing two pairs of skiing, with short and thick.

7. shoe: may put the wet insoles in sleeping bags or sleeping at night down clothes drying, to avoid the next morning, put on wet insoles, frostbitten toes.

8. hiking shoes: sole shall be selected with a thick bottom, shoes are not worn to be placed in moisture-proof bag and put it in the tent, in order to avoid damp, it is best to use a double snow boots.

9. the leggings: first wore leggings and then outside snow costume, not only can improve the insulation effect of about 5 degrees Celsius in action can be avoided when shoes were caught by branches and prevent snow fell into leggings.

10. the hat: the hat wearing three layers, the inner hood, protect the skin, the middle layer for warmth, the outer layer is made of GORE-TEX material, offers protection against wind and snow features.

11. keep warm gloves: gloves, there are two basic, one (two) of wool gloves, inner layer of insulation, outer layer resists the wind and snow, more convenient activity, another for ease of P.P.  gloves, thin and both the insulation effect, the consumables of seed set, it is recommended that with a few more dual standby, method of wear is also the most warm here.

12. shades: dark sunglasses lens, such as dark green, can prevent UV rays.

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