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airport bus-airport bus departure directions in XI ' an:

service hotline: 029-88375000-1018

airport bus information phone: 029-88791384, 88798780

Airport to the XI ' an city

1. Line 1 line route: Airport-Bell Tower (Meilun hotel)??

beautiful hotel address: West 86th Street, diagonally opposite the drum can take the 600,603 road until the clock tower bus stop or take the 4,7,32 road until the drum station

2. Line 2 line route: Airport-Hotel-Qin--the railway station (free),

1) Qin Feng Hotel address: fengcheng 6th road, take the 117,209,600 road until economic and technological development zone station

2) liberation Hotel address: 181th Jiefang road (South of the railway station square), take the 5,25,30,41,103,603 road under railway station

3. Line 3 line: Airport--the West--torch building, torch building address: gaoxin road, take the 14,28,29,402,700 road until the high-tech Road Station

4. Line 4 line route: Airport-tangcheng Hotel-Oriental Hotel--small Zhai, China World Tower

1) tangcheng Hotel address: 3rd hanguang Road station, take the 24,32,46,313,K631 road until the Tang City Hotel

2) Oriental Hotel address: Xiaozhai road under the 26th by 5,14,18,400,410 Zi Wu Lu station

3) international trade building address: Xiaozhai ten children take to the small village 14,400,605,600,603 southeast corner station

5. Line 5 line route: Airport-Queens hotels--Jianguo Hotel

1) Empress Hotel address: 45th Xingqing road, take the 8,27,37,102,300,602 road until the Xingqing Road Station

2) Jianguo Hotel address: Jin Huanan road 20th ride 8,27,37,102,300,320, mutual assistance in education line road interchange

Airport, xianyang city

6. Line 6 line: xianyang airport-railway station-Weicheng district, xianyang city, middle school-commercial-government-people's livelihood-Rainbow Hotel

1) xianyang train station address: Weicheng district, xianyang road war

2) Wei Cheng Middle School address: East Road, Weicheng district, 56th

3), xianyang City Government address: Wei yang road

4) livelihood mansion address: xianyang Le Yu Lu

5) Rainbow Hotel address: 1th, rainbow road

urban buses: 6:00--18:00 starting point hot start

depart Airport: flight information on the grid; the Xian xianyang International Airport Aviation Services LLC

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